Images from another world

Jens-Christian Wittig and his exhibit “Eternal Blue” at the Gallerie Orangerie in Heiligendam

By Sabine Hügelland

English trans. by Laurie Gibson

Heiligendamm. The blues are “out of this world”. “Overclouding Germany Phase II” is an image which is real and unreal at the same time. The subconscious plays a primary role in the works of Jen-Christian Wittig. The new exposition from gallerist Franz Norbert Kröger in the Gallerie Orangerie in Heiligendamm entitled “Eternal Blue” features the works of JCW, pseudonym for the artist Jens-Christian Wittig.

Blue – eternal, timeless, everlasting – Wittig paints and photographs simultaneously, or so it could be perceived. He begins with the photographed image and recomposes the raw data. The creative process can last long into the night – or perhaps days, or weeks – producing images with a painted appearance yet entirely photographic. Through superimposition and layering techniques, similar to those used in glaze painting, a new image is created.

Through this process, his images acquire a depth and brilliance of color only possible in digital photography – unrealizable through the medium of painting. The images are more focused than the human eye can percieve. The artist shows us, that undefinable perspectives exist. „It is neither painting nor photography“, he say. The opening of the exhibit was accompanied by Uli Masuth on the piano. The political cabaret artist brought Franz Norbert Kröger and JCW together. Masuth’s speech, in which he stressed that he is an art lover and not an art expert, was a cabaretistic laudatio to the works of JCW – for which the musician and cabaret artist admits to having a weakness.

Seeing art through the soul

Kroeger has 40 years of experience in the world of art. „The incredible brilliance of color. There is a certain intangibility, a child-like charm, something incredibly beautiful about his works“, he says. „We had to move the works around a bit until we found the place where the images spoke to us“ says Kroeger. „The blues – the horizon appears to vibrate through the different blue tones that Wittig uses. Sometimes, you get the feeling that you are being pulled into the image“, says the art and culture specialist. „Every viewer has a different cultural history, another background and therefore, another perspective and understanding of what they are viewing“. Art can only be comprehended emotionally and truly seen through the soul, according to Franz Norbert Kroeger.

Jens-Christian Wittig studied landscape architecture, urban design and visual arts. For more than 25 years he worked on garden and landscape design projects in Germany, France and Spain and later in Russia and Arabia. 2001 brought him to China as a competion winner. Wittig’s artistic perspective is a inspired by his travels – he lives in Weimar but is at home in the whole world – especially exceptional light conditions and extraordinary structural features. In particular, the 57 year old is inspired by buildings with an unusual architectural aesthetic. The basis of his work „Angelus Novul II“ – (Shanghai 2019) is a hotel out of which he creates a „contemporary angel from a world which we cannot comprehend“, he says. „Out of fear of the unknown, we hold onto the

„here and now. But, we cannot stop the normal flow of things.“

Images of the sub-conscious

Wittig creates imagery which speaks directly to the sub-conscious of the viewer, encouraging one to delve into another world. Transformation is his central theme.

As a teenager, the artist captured exceptional moments non film as a photographer. However, the new technique of digital photography paved the way for his breakthrough into a contemporary and unique creative world. Photos copy, document and are of little interest to him. „Marina abstract CV 08“ is part of a super panorama – which even under closer scrutiny appears to be painted – boats in a harbour in Cape Town, South Africa.

An image created in color and monochrome. The lure of circumnavigation enhanced by the unique light of Morocco. „The other Light – The other Shade“. The brilliance of the image holds a special fascination for Franz Norbert Kröger.

As his partner Claudia Wiessner puts it, „your soul goes on a journey when viewing his images“.

Picture captions:

„The artist Jens-Christian Wittig presents his works in an exhibition entitled „Eternal Blue“ in the Gallerie Orangierie, Heilligendamm.“

„I really admire the works of Jens-Christian Wittig.“ – Uli Masuth, Cabaret Artist

„Sometimes, you get the feeling that you are being pulled into the image.“ – Frank Norbert Kroeger, Gallerist

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